A Division of Hooves & Claws

HOOVES & CLAWS- Reptihaus started as a project in a feasibility study done by some Silliman University Masters degree students. One of the owners, Lynn Diebolt, had worked with this class on another feasibility study regarding an area resort and horses and horse back riding to the resorts offered entertainment. As an avid horse woman, trainer, breeder, judge and years of practical hands on running her own farm, Lynn was asked to assist on the first project. A few months after that, Lynn finally decided it was time to purchase her own retired Thoroughbred race horse and found that getting all the tack, equipment, health care needs locally even nationally she wanted and was used to having was nearly impossible. With that in mind, when the next batch of grad students needed a feasibility study, she sponsored one on creating a horse tack and equipment store coupled with a pet store in order to have a wider clientele base. Not happy to be just “another dog and cat pet supply store,” Reptihaus was born out of her life long love and fascination with the world of “weird” pets. Tortoises were selected first and then crested geckos and dart frogs . The latter 2 because of the rarity of LEGAL imports in the Philippines. Chameleons and other reptiles and amphibians were then added.

Lynn had obtained her USFW exporters license and proceeded with the lengthy process of obtaining the Philippines DENR Wildlife farm permit so all animals at Reptihaus are DENR registered legal. During this time her assistant Madeline Gaite had really become fond of the tortoises and was made co-owner of Reptihaus due to her fondness, diligence, abilities and growing knowledge of the care of the growing herd at Reptihaus and to help her family income.

To this partnership, Lynn bring decades worth of experience in raising all sorts of animals when living in the US from the ordinary Bengal cats, Shetland collies, Arabian horses, beef cattle, Netherlands Dwarf rabbits, goats, poultry of all sorts to the more unusual Jackson’s Chameleons, frogs, turtles, horned lizard, various lizards and geckos, snakes, and even a pet opossum. She also bring an extensive education in animal sciences, animal husbandry, animal nutrition, agriculture, natural resources, education and veterinary medicine.

As animal welfare advocates, Reptihaus is committed to provide its clients with the best help and advice on animal care, housing, nutrition and solving any health issues that might arise. We are also committed to a community outreach program, believing the best way to prevent animal abuse and neglect is by educating the current youth on proper animal handling, health care needs and giving assistance to today’s children so they grow into animal advocates of tomorrow. Local middle school and high school science teachers in Negros and Southern Cebu are urged to contact Reptihaus for an in school presentation. Malls in the Philippines are also welcome to contact us for a similar seminar program covering both the common cat, dog and horse pet care and our more unique Reptihaus pets.


email: reptihaus17@gmail.com