Gecko food

Pangea food -left to right flavors; BSFL, Apricot, Breeder, Banana, Watermelon, Gecko treat


BSFL, Apricot, Banana,Watermelon 2oz-450p/ 8oz -950p

Pre-order 16oz-1800p/ 32oz-3100p/ 64oz-5100p/ 10Lbs-1250p

Breeder 2oz-500p/ 8oz-1050p

Pre-order 16oz-2050p/ 640z-6050p

Gecko treat 2oz-250p/ 8oz-600p

Tortoise food & supplements

Mazuri- 350p/Lb, Sera Flowers N Loops -,Sera Herbs N Loops –Reptivite-2oz- 500p, Reptical w D3 or w/o D3 -1oz-50p, Cuttlebones-50p each

Insect/Frog food and care

PIG Insect food oz- 650p, Junky’s insect food 8oz-800p, Fruit fly media oz-250p, Springtail food 5oz-800p, Tadpole food 3.5 oz-800p

Heating Cooling and gauges

7watt small heat mat-600p, 14watt medium heat matt-1200p, 20watt large heat matt-1600p, Temp/humidity gauge-200p. Cryopack-400p, Phase 22 panels- 1500, grass squares


Welded cage Small 6x6x12″- 1500p, Welded cage Medium 8x8x18″- 2500p, Welded cage Large 12x12x24″-5000p, Assembled cage Small 6x6x12″-1000, Assembled cage Medium 8x8x18″-2000p, Assembled cage Large 12x12x24″=4000p

Cocohuts, Climbing & Feeders

Hanging Coco Houses -250p, Cocohuuts-100p, Moss vine-4000p, Drift wood 100-500p, Clear feeder ledge-450p, Black feeder ledge-750p, Blue screens- 100p. 500g scale-600p, 5kg scale-750p

Electrical supplies

Installed LED Fan-300p, Waterproof RGB lights Instaled-200P per ft, Power supplies : 1A-200p,2A-350p, 3A-450p. 5A-650p, 6A-780p, 8A-825p, Splitters: 2way-150p, 3 way- 175p, 4way-200p, 5way-350p, 6 way-400p, 8 way-450p, Silver LED fogger-800p, Black fogger-600p, LED Light controller-100p,  In-Line LED controller-150p

Hatching materials

Large Hatch box-1000p, small hatch box-500p, Pangea hatch medium 8oz- 200p