Changes in a  gecko as it grows

Top- Hatchling, Middle-Juvenile, Bottom Adult Photos are all the same gecko


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All you have to add is water!

New juvenile gecko weights given in description when you click on individual photos

Click on thumbnails for prices or current status

Hatchlings: 1 – 9 grams

Juvenile Females: weight 10 – 40 grams

Click on thumbnail to see current weight and suggested mates for these girls when they mature

Juvenile Males: weight 10 – 30 grams

Adults: Some are for sale, rest are current breeding stock. Reservations on upcoming hatchlings are allowed.

NFS= NOT FOR SALE. Reservations on upcoming hatchings save 25% on the post hatch price. Hatchlings are initially valued at hatch then priced at 6 weeks then re-priced when they reach 5 grams.

Geckos on HOLD,  buyer has 24 hrs to pay deposit then they return to for  sale if deposit is not received

Deposits are 20-50% down, balance due just prior to shipping.

Crested Gecko Morphs – click for video