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    in a  gecko as it grows
Top- Hatchling, Middle-Juvenile, Bottom Adult Photos are all the same gecko


Ask about our breeders package discounts on batches of 3 (10% off), 5(15% off), or 10+(20% off list priced) geckos. These batch discounts can NOT be combined with a pre-hatch reservation

A freebies promotional packages in the months of January, April, July and October every year with geckos ordered  from this website. Send your reservation email to for freebie package and with geckos name(s). PROMO CODE: FREEBIES

All you have to add is water!

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REFER A FRIEND PROMO 5% OFF ( CAN BE COMBINED WITH OTHER PROMOS) ON YOUR NEXT PURCHASE. You must either email, text message the friends name to 09173053420/09228074358 or message us at  Reptihaus using FACEBOOK MESSENGER Or WHATSAPP PRIOR to the friend’s inquiry on purchasing.

10% OFF  on all geckos 10grams or less until March 1, 2024. Geckos weighing over 10 grams take their weigh as the % off. A 15.6 gram geck gets 16% off on the listed price

Please note: We have no control on how fast or slow DENR handles our paperwork and issues the LTP, or over airline schedules or weather. We DO submit our LTP requests withing 3 days of receiving deposits and full name  address and phone numbers of our buyers. We do the best we can to get orders out as soon as possible.

Click on thumbnails current status. Note Photos of hatchlings are taken within 1-12 hours after they hatch so colors will change!



Adults: A few are for sale, rest are current breeding stock.

Reservations on upcoming hatchlings are allowed at a pre-hatch discount 20% off the average base price of that matings babies.

In this program you put a 25% deposit of the AVERAGE BASE SELLING HATCHLING PRICE for the matings of interest,  and I will send you the hatchling photo the day I take it. You then have 24 hrs to say you want it, or pass and wait for the next ones in that price group/pairing group to hatch.


Hatchlings are initially valued at hatch then re-evaluated at 6 weeks then again when they reach 5, 10,15 & 20 grams an priced according to the evaluations.

Geckos on HOLD:  buyer has 24 hrs to pay deposit (BDO bank deposit or Gcash prefered). After 24 hrs they return to for sale if deposit is not received.

Deposits are 25% down non-refundable to hold for up to 30 days,  Deposits can be applied to different animals but the 25% down is non-refundable. At 30 days another 25% is required to continue to hold and balance due just prior to shipping.

Deposit can be transfered to different animals we have on hand, but are NON refundable. In placing an order or deposit you agree to these terms.

Shipping is via Cebu Pacific Air or Philippines  Airlines cargo to the nearest airport to you that the airline flies into. Shipping to NAIA is 2.5k. DENR and BAI documents fees for 1-4 geckos are 250p. LBC shipped replacent documents 350p per gecko

Shipping to other airports depend on if there is direct flight from Dumaguete. If there is layover longer than 4 hours in NAIA to final destination, we do charge to have our Manila representative retrieve gecko at cargo and replace cold packs if the temperature exceeds 29°C. We can not arrange home delivery, but can put you in contact with our Manila representative, plus Grab and other local services may do pick ups and delivery at customers request and expense. My Manila official representative is Lendl Lin of

We DO NOT SELL any animals without a DENR LTP receipt and OR. Please do not ask for this ILLEGAL type of sale.

Ground hand delivery or pick up is only possible for Negros Oriental and Occidental, Cebu, Bohol and Siquijor when travel permits. Prices vary on delivery to these areas depending on mode of transportation and if we have a courier going to these areas.

Live arrival guarantee, with s replacement of equal value will given. If no suitable replacement is available, payment can be banked for 12 months to be applied to any other gecko we have for sale. Video of unboxing within 3 hrs of plane landing at destination is required to invoke live arrival guarantee. A 7 day health guarantee against parasites, infectiou diseases is our standard. If animal dies in the 7 days send us a video of animal and refrigerate the body in case a necropsy is needed to determine cause of death, DO NOT FREEZE.

TAILS on any crested gecko ARE NOT COVERED ON HEALTH OR LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEE. Cresties can drop a tail at ANY time for ANY or even NO reason at all. Tail loss does not affect the value of a crested gecko, so no partial refunds are given for dropped tails.

Crested Gecko Morphs – click for video


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Coming soon: Cappacino, Lilly Whites, Frappachino, Super Dalmatian, Axanthic, Soft and Super Soft Scale morphs & Gargoyle geckos.